Who we are.

We are a body enhancing spa, where you can expect the most relaxing and professional place to highlight your best features. Our staff are artistic, fully trained professionals, that care deeply about our customers needs.

Why do we love what we do?

We take pride in what we do here at microblading cosmetics. Purely because we desire to have a positive influence on the people that enter our establishment.  We love to see our clients glow and feel good about themselves after receiving our services. Passionate about what we do is a very rewarding job. Helping people rise above their insecurities about their body, just because of small body enhancing procedures.

How do we do it?

With very well trained professionals, top of the line color pigments and proper pre and after care. We will shoot for the stars and hope to exceed the standard or bar in the microblading industry. Our passion for the artistry needed to become the best keeps us on top of new procedures, equipment and training and our actions will echo throughout our work. It is wonderful making a living from being creative.


Why would you enhance yourself?

With the very busy world that we live in, most of us just do not have enough time to make ourselves look glamorous or put together.

Reshaping the eyebrow
Enhancing the shape of your lips.
Help define lip line
Go without lipstick
Recreating over plucked eyebrows
Producing a fuller eyebrow or lip look
Adding body and colour to fair or blonde eyebrows
People with sensitive skin or allergies to cosmetics and makeup
Persons who love swimming/outdoor sports and always want to look their best
People who have problems applying makeup without glasses
Physical conditions that prevent a person from applying makeup